Routine memorization may allow you to pass an exam, but it won’t necessarily make you more security aware.  DGC takes a different approach to training – our students are introduced to network technologies and concepts from an integrated viewpoint that presents the whole picture.


 Digital Global Connectors offers formal classroom instruction at our Chantilly, VA training center or on-site worldwide.  Our team of elite instructors maintains a wide area of expertise to best present information as it relates to specific customer environments. Combining this deep knowledge with the ability to operate classified and unclassified environments allows our team to be even more effective at conducting training sessions that address specific security concerns, current vulnerability gaps, and pressing mission critical requirements- conveniently located where our customers need it most.


 Differentiator:  One-size-fits-all IT security awareness training works well for some organization, while others need training customized for different roles within the organization



            Tailored role-based training


            Employee benchmarking


            Delivered in multiple formats:








                    Instructor Based


                    Cloud Based Training


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