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About Us

About Us

Who We Are

  •  Cyber security consulting, engineering, and technology solutions company.
  •  Comprehensive experience with Federal Government and Commercial clients
  •  A Veteran-owned small business founded in 2012
  •  Top Secret facilities and security cleared personnel

Veteran Owned, Veteran Operated

Our Leadership

Yousif MostafaPresident & CEO

Yousif enlisted in the United States Marine Corps 30 years ago and has been defending our Nation’s critical networks ever since. His passion for the mission of cyber security is only matched by his devotion to helping veterans grow their lives and careers. He has built DGC with those two priorities in mind.

Kathy 3

Kathy MostafaVice President, Security Assessment & Audit Services

Kathy possesses many of cyber security’s highest certifications. Combined with her formal education and decades of experience, she is among the most qualified practitioners in the industry. It is this experience and expertise that she brings to DGC’s clients. Her philosophy is to take care of people so that they can take care of the mission; a devotion that has made DGC a top recruiter and retainer of industry talent and expertise.

Miguel Rosario 2

Miguel RosarioChief Operating Officer

Miguel Rosario is programmed to protect. In uniform he fought on the battlefields of Iraq as a Marine and continues to serve as a Cyber Warfare Officer in the Air National Guard where he protects our Nation’s critical infrastructure. As a civilian he has past experience with clients as varied as the Secret Service and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which has made him responsible for defending the country’s most critical networks. He brings this character and devotion to excellence to every task and encourages DGC’s employees to emulate his example for all of our clients.

Brian 2

Brian O’CallaghanVice President – Business Development

From the Marine Corps to the NSA, Brian O’Callaghan’s service has included pleasure spots such as Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and East Africa. He even served in a truly hazardous assignment…Capitol Hill. Today, Brian works to fulfill DGC’s potential to protect the Nation’s vital networks while simultaneously serving as an advocate for disabled and at-risk veterans.

Shenoa 2

Shenoa HerlingerData Privacy and Compliance Risk Manager

Shenoa Herlinger is an adventurous spirit. She served as an Army PSYOP Operations NCO in Iraq and as a civilian intelligence analyst in Afghanistan. Her work on cutting edge Big Data projects at DARPA led her to the field of Privacy where her passion and expertise allow her to excel in service to her clients and partners alike. Somewhere along the line she also managed to become a dive instructor in the Florida Keys. We don’t know why she came back, but her clients are glad she did.

Female Placeholder

Jennifer TronoHuman Resources & Accounting Specialist

As DGC’s Chief Cat Herder, Jennifer Trono not only keeps the trains running on time, but ensures DGC’s promise to treat its employees exceptionally well is fulfilled. Jennifer takes care of DGC’s people and enables the company to retain the best and the brightest in the field.

Soleil 2

Soleil YouSenior Advisor

Soleil You is one of DGC’s elite subject matter experts. His advice and counsel have helped clients including the Army, Navy, and USAID improve their cybersecurity posture, enhance their strategies, and better protect their missions and people. He also has two amazing dogs.

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